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Life is a Sentence Nobody Survives

If that doesn't make you feel vulnerable, what will?

Nothing to me is more valuable than Beauty, Vulnerability & Truth.

Beauty and Truth speak for themselves.

In Defence of Vulnerability...

I feel my way, and live vulnerably open - because I love and value who I am. I won't run from myself. I smile and walk with kindness.

I choose to trust others.

I believe in humanity.

And I hold on to Hope.

Because she is everything to live for.

I see Vulnerability as the evidence of courage.

Being naked and seen is strength in action; real and raw and exposed to emotional risk and uncertainty.

Accepting hurt and pain, along with the joy.

Embracing the mystery of Being, I find beauty in this tragic gift called life.

Through it all, I know WHO I am.

And who I am is one with words.

If I was left with nothing else, I would still have words - and I am brave enough to share them.

Finding meaning in life isn't easy at the best of times for some of us - and these are not the best of times.

They haven't been the best of times for so long we barely recognise the memory...

Even when we know our purpose, motivation is an elusive creature who has a bad habit of running scared when we need her most.

Seemingly endless hours on our hands every day of our lives yet sometimes all I have is the question -

What, if anything, has meaning???

This thought can be overwhelming and beyond difficult to overcome.

And yet somewhere underneath it all, no matter what is crushing me - I know I wish to be heard - in whatever way my voice best travels.

I get confused as to how best to navigate my way, and this is where I fall into an abyss of indecision; procrastination; and if I allow myself to wallow there too long - ultimately despair.

Despair is not pretty. So I don't stay there too long.

Instead I do what I love best - I read, I write, and I sing - home alone.

I am not ready to show up as a one-man-band with me and my guitar, though I keep working on it all the same, and perhaps one day perhaps I will be ready for something.

The world online is a sea of noise I can't seem to sail above...though I really wish I could fly!!!

...and my mind is an endless ocean of chaotic possibilities no matter the weather.

So... I just keep writing.

Even if nobody hears my mind - finding words for it all gives me hope I will reach someone.

And maybe that someone will be me. x


The dream in your heart is there for a beautiful reason.

Never give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the meantime - stay well, and hold your dreams like a precious newborn.

For what it's worth, I don't believe Vulnerability is a flaw but perhaps instead a gift...

For all her fragility, she has incredible strength.

And just needs handling with extreme love and care.

...perhaps that's all any of us truly needs.


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