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Liars - Gregory Alan Isakov Cover by Hannah Jane

Liars is one of those songs I hear and I cry.

Every time.

A massive song, with a massive build, recorded with the Colorado Orchestra, performed in the Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Obviously I, home alone, am unable to create such a sound. But that is the beauty of my imagination. I hear it all behind me even so...

Some of us can complicate the most simple of things, yet somehow simplify the the most complicated of all.

For that gift I am grateful and always will be.


You take the big one, and I’ll take his brother

Let's get this over with 'cos I'm late for work

Do you remember when we were young

The swing sets, the costumes, the dirt in the sun

I sold all my baseball cards to buy me some clothes

That's how it goes, that's how it goes, and that's how it goes

And I keep on thinking, it's time to move on

Move out to the city so huge, meet me some people

Seems these old hills, they keep on calling

The clouds 'round here talk, man, I been listening

I sold all these clothes to buy me this land

Now I'm sorta happy most of the time, most of the time

Been riding lots of trains, the same ones as you

How come you get to talk to everybody

I'm just looking out my window at the night view

You keep on pointing out my halo

Your big pointy finger, the six-fingered hand

I sold all this land to buy me some dreams

Just like those movies we played when we were kids

Now we're just liars, now we're just liars, now we're just liars


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