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Fade Into You

I fell in love with 'Fade Into You' a lifetime ago at the first cafe I ever worked in as a teenager. My boss had the best cd collection ever, and through her I was exposed to Tom Waits, Massive Attack, OP8, Mazzy Star, and so much more amazing music... which is something I feel grateful for just about every day.

From that beautiful moment I heard Hope Sandoval 'want to hold the hand inside you', I imagined singing her lyrics forever...

For whatever reason though, I never felt worthy to sing the song unless I could play the guitar too - and seeing as I wasn't actually learning the instrument... well, things went quiet in my world for quite some time. More on that another day.

Even so, I sang 'Fade Into You' in my mind like a broken record for the next couple of decades, so when Dan suggested us recording it together a few years ago, I was more than ready.

Moral of the story... it pays to be prepared.

...or something like that.

Recently, Dan welcomed a Lauten microphone into our musical family so we have been happily busy re-recording vocals over the last few weeks - including a new version of one of the most beautiful songs of all time - 'Fade Into You'.

x Hannah Jane


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